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Announcements from the Server Administration.
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Holds the server clarification documents, such as allowed mods, references to the rules, secondary clarifications, general updates. etc.
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By LordKreeg Dec 6, 15
Holds the application reference materials, guides, general instructions etc.
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By LordKreeg Dec 8, 15
This will re-direct you, to the network's staff application system! Just fill out the thing, and hit submit!
This will contain updates, announcements and similar about the site itself.
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By LordKreeg Jun 16, 17
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Visit the Mythcraft Network Store.
Holds the application area for Youtuber ranks.
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By YTTheGamingBeast Jul 18, 17
Here, we have all the forum sections for problems, questions, and bugs.
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By Cryolite Moderator Fri at 09:59 am
Bans & Appeals
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File your ban reports with the Required Format.
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By sprinklez_ Moderator 6 hours ago
Ban Appeals are required to be in the Proper Format, and to not violate any additional rules in their construction.
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By Cryolite Moderator 1 hour ago
File your abuse reports with the Required Format.
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By LordKreeg Sun at 12:30 pm
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General Discussion.
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By Ashmeedel T-Mod 10 hours ago
Factions Discussion: Faction recruiting, Raids, Cannons, anything to do with facs.
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By SwiftZone 4 hours ago
General Off-topic, about non-minecraft usually.
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By aexa1 Mon at 06:38 pm
Marketplace, run by players (Within the rules. Stay within.)
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By ARP_Takao_CA Moderator Jul 12, 17
Anything to do with Youtubes, Resource Packs, Player run events, etc.
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By SoulSavior 7 hours ago
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