Mythcraft Help Guide.
Recommended Reading
1: Forum Locations
2: How-to-use-Enjin

1) Forum Locations
News is located here: http://www.mythcraftpvp.com/news
  The perfect place to catch up on changes new and old.
Forums is located here: http://www.mythcraftpvp.com/forum
  Where most forum activity outside of shoutboxchatbox is, including the marketplace, general discussion, off-topic and more forum sections.
The Help section is located here: http://mythcraftpvp.com/forum/m/16493588/viewforum/4755602
 For all those who have a question, concern or problem outside of Donation Problems, which have thier own section.
The Donation Problems is located here: http://www.mythcraftpvp.com/forum/m/16493588/viewforum/4755601
 Incase your purchase hasn't worked, or a rank is missing from the rare bug.
The Chargeback Problems Appeals is located here: http://www.mythcraftpvp.com/forum/m/16493588/viewforum/5639365
 For those who have been banned from another's chargeback.
Bug reports are Located here: http://www.mythcraftpvp.com/forum/m/16493588/viewforum/4755594
 For those pesky bugs, glitches etc.
Server rules are located here: http://www.mythcraftpvp.com/rules
 The rules themselves.
Ban ReportsRequests is located here: http://mythcraftpvp.com/forum/m/16493588/viewforum/5639322
 For reports of users breaking the rules.
Ban Appeals is located here: http://mythcraftpvp.com/forum/m/16493588/viewforum/3193411
  For those whom have been wrongfully banned, can explain what happened clarify, and similar.

2) How-to-use-Enjin

  1. Ensuring you're Logged in
  2. The Floating Menu
  3. Basic Posting Page Layout
  4. Signatures / Editing Posts

# Ensuring you're Logged in #
When you first get onto enjin, check the top right corner, of the page, doesn't matter if You scrolled down or not.
It's attached to the Floating Menu, which will scroll with you. The picture above, is of that menu.

After you are logged in, and have "Joined the Site" if you didn't do that - also done from same spot.
Then the login button register buttons, should show your profile picture, and username.

#The Floating Menu #
As mentioned in the previous section, this menu will scroll as you scroll, so it is always at the top of the page you are on.
It holds several other buttons refereed to as "Tabs" , beyond the LoginRegister actual buttons.
Starting from the left side.
This as you can see, is the "Home" Tab. It brings you back to the Myth Homepage.
This can also be achieved by clicking the Floating Menu's Mythcraft Icon, literally the server name.

This is the "Forums" Tab, from it you can access the news, forums themselves, Suggestion forum section, and Bug reports.
In the second section, from again, the top down, is the "Staff list" that shows staff, "Staff Sections" which lists where they are assigned on the server sections.
At the end, you have a link to the "Need Help" section of forums.

This is the "Rules" Tab, which sends you to the server Rules.
A very critical, and very handy Tab.

This is the "Bans And Appeals" Tab, this is where people's ban reports and appeals are handled.
For the first section, it's for the sections: and so first is the "Ban Reports" section link, then the "Ban Appeals" Link.
In the second section, it's for the formats.

Ban reports, are where people post evidence of rules being broken or similar to get someone banned.
Ban Appeals, are where people whom are banned try to get unbanned.

This is the "Support" Tab, it holds the most varied links on the menu.
In the first section, is the "Vote" page link, where all vote links are shown, they are also shown on the home page.
Below the "Vote" link, is the "Donate" link, which brings you to the donation store for the network.
The final link before the dividing line, is the "Twitter" link, which brings you to the mythcraft 'twitter' page.

In the second section, starting from the top, is "Donation Problems" Link, sends you to a forum section, where you can have any donation issues handled.
The second link is "Need Help" link, which brings you to the forum's Help section.
The final link, the "Chargeback Problems" is where if you are banned for a chargeback you have not done, aka banned with a message of "Disruption of Buycraft Payment" or similar, this is where You post about it.

The "DJ" tab, this links to the 'plug.dj' website, specifically the myth network 'dj room' as they call it.

# Basic Posting Page Layout #
This above, is the standard menu.
As seen, this one is from general discussion.

I will explain each thing, as shown, starting from the top.
"Forums » Community » General Discussion "
Is basically, the directory of where your page is at.
First, is generally the forums, then the sub section, followed by the specific section inside that: in this case, general discussion.

Down from that, "Subforums" , is the sectional Header.
States where the threads below are in or such as in this case, states that below it (inside it's box), are more Forum Subsections.
Which is what that "Thread" actually is. Another forum section.

Below that, starting from the left is the "New Thread" Button, this is the button that makes a thread in the forum section you are in.
It brings you to the text editor.

The button after that, "Subscribe" makes enjin send you a notice every time someone posts either on a thread (if done on one), or in that entire section of the forums. aka Don't do that in a forum section, unless You like spam notifications....

The Box beside that to the right, is the search-bar entry box. This is where You enter search parameters , aka what you want to find.
After that, is the button that starts the search.

# Signatures #
These are pre-written things , or images, or both below under your posted words content.
Generally, on the Mythcraft Network, they are enabled. Do not abuse this, or you can have yours disabled easily.
However in some forum sections, or other networks they are not.

You can set one up, by going to your "enjin profile" , which is accessed via the top right area of the floating menu.
From there, go to "account settings" , be advised that pictures being directly shown not linked requires knowledge of how enjin displays pictures.

Now under the signature if there is one, will be this bar.
This bar, from the far left , tells what the post has any attachments (in this case, a post, given it has no attachments) states when the post was made, when the last edit if there was one, was done
After a rather large space, it also shows any "likes" the post received.

Starting from the far right side, is the
"Delete" , which deletes the post, * only available on your own posts, Unless you're a forum mod or higher.
"Edit" , which reopens the text editor , * only available on your own posts, Unless you're a forum mod or higher.
"Quote" , which automatically quotes the selected post in the text box below * doesn't work if thread is locked.
"Reply" , which basically brings up the full text editor while still showing the selected post * I don't use this
"Report" , the final button, which literally allows you to report said post, for the stated reasons you enter on use.
* Be advised, We can read what You 'report' someone for.. please don't waste our time.